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Tejas is a self advocacy group of women with disabilities in India.

With a vision to ensure the rights to Self Respect, Dignity and equal access to information for Women with Disabilities, Tejas is committed to conduct sensitization workshops on sexuality, reproductive & health care, self defense and women’s rights to Women with varied disabilities in Tamil Nadu.

Tejas would also involve in continuous lobbying with the State Government to make available all information with respect to sexuality, reproductive & health care and laws/policies concerning gender in accessible formats for women with all kinds of disabilities.

  • Tejas has conducted workshops for disabled women in different regions of Tamil Nadu to sensitize them on their rights and empower them.
  • We addressed the issues of Women with Disabilities in the 7th National Women’s conference held at Kolkata.
  • Tejas has conducted a study on the status of education and employment of Women with Disabilities across Tamil Nadu and submitted the report to the respective administrators of the State for further lobby towards the empowerment of Women with Disabilities.
  • Tejas was among the advisors in launching the website on sexuality and disability; http://www.sexualityanddisability.org.
  • Tejas has also taken part in the 6th International Women s Institute on Leadership & Disability Program held at Eugene, Oregon, USA in 2012.


c/o Vidyasagar, Chennai
E: dlu.south@gmail.com

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